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All American Games - Online Registration

Start DateLocationCost
8/9/2012Osceola County Stadium$ 365

First Name (only as shown on birth certificate):
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Parent/Guardian Name:
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Combination of Guardian Email and Pin Number used to update demographics information along with other tasks such as accepting an invite to aag team. Please take note of what is input in the next two fields.
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I hereby agree to pay the registration fee for the All-American Games. I understand that this fee is non-refundable.

I understand that the All-American Games are operated by USSSA. Accordingly, I agree to release and hold harmless USSSA, its agents, and other staff, while acting in their capacities as such, from any and all claims of liability which may arise in any manner or form from my child's participation in this event.

I hereby authorize USSSA staff to act for me, according to their best judgment, in any medical emergency. As parent/guardian of aforementioned player, I take full responsibility for payment of injuries that may occur during the USSSA Event and I hereby waive and release said persons from any liability of illness/injury incurred while participating in this event.

Participants are required to furnish their own pants and other required field equipment (Gloves, Bats, Helmet, Catchers Gear....etc)