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Arkansas Stealers

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USSSA Points : 1635
Team : Arkansas Stealers
Team City : Central Arkansas - AR
Overall Record : 32-25
Team Registration : G91271009963
Classified as : Baseball Boys 12 & Under AA
Current End Year Class : Baseball Boys 12 & Under AA

Power Rating : 1100
Tournament Record vs. In Class Teams : 23-11
In Class Avg Runs : 6.85
In Class Avg Runs Allowed : 4.12
In Class Avg Runs Difference : 2.74
In Class Runs Scored : 233
In Class Runs Allowed : 140

 vs. BBboys12Maj Teams : 0-3
 vs. BBboys12AAA Teams : 3-9
 vs. BBboys12AA Teams : 23-11
 vs. BBBoys12A Teams : 4-0
 vs. BBboys11Maj Teams : 0-1
 vs. BBboys11AAA Teams : 0-1
 vs. BBboys11AA Teams : 1-0
 vs. BBboys11AllStar Teams : 1-0

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    StatureTournament NameEvent
    Avg Run
    1759/9/2011Qualifier CASMSports Fall State Warm UpBBboys12AA 4101234296.85.81
    3609/16/2011State Level 2 Fall StateBBboys12AA 20071376.53.53
    13403/2/2012NIT Road to the ShowBBboys12Open 040714333.58.25-4.75
    4803/9/2012Global Qualifier CASM CONWAY RAZORBACK GLOBAL SHOOT BBboys12AA 110911155.57.5-2
    5703/16/2012NIT Everett GMAC Triple Crown 1st LegBBboys12AA 1201217115.6663.6662
    8253/30/2012Qualifier CASM BATTLE IN THE ROCKBBboys12AA 2108151454.6660.333
    71204/13/2012Global Qualifier CASM CONWAY BATTLE OF THE BEST GLOBBBboys12AA 1201013254.3338.333-4
    1754/20/2012Qualifier Turf War BattleBBboys12Open 41026631912.63.88.8
    8254/27/2012Qualifier CASM CONWAY SLUG FESTBBboys12Open 1301826176.54.252.25
    5705/4/2012NIT Everett GMAC Triple Crown 3rd LegBBboys12AA 1107763.530.5
    5305/18/2012Qualifier Cobras Striking from the moundBBboys12AA 1301422215.55.250.25
    5705/25/2012NIT Wally Hall Tournament of ChampionsBBboys12AA 310719134.753.251.5
    3906/1/2012Qualifier Turn2 Sports Arkansas Summer ChampiBBboys12Open 4101746109.227.2
    3456/15/2012Qualifier Maumelle AA ClassicBBboys12AA 3109281874.52.5
    91106/22/2012State Arkansas State TournamentBBboys12AA 2101119106.3333.3333
    16507/5/2012Global World Series USSSA Global World SeriesBBboys12Open 2201019234.755.75-1

    Game Data

    #TournamentWinning TeamWinner
    Losing TeamLoser
    1CASMSports Fall State Warm Up Arkansas Stealers 4 Easton Elite 0
    2*CASMSports Fall State Warm Up Rawlings Arkansas Prospec [BBboys12AAA] 5 Arkansas Stealers 2
    3CASMSports Fall State Warm Up Arkansas Stealers 10 El Do Powercats 9
    4*CASMSports Fall State Warm Up Arkansas Stealers 6 River Valley Predators [BBboys12AAA] 4
    5*CASMSports Fall State Warm Up Arkansas Stealers 12 Rawlings Arkansas Prospec [BBboys12AAA] 11
    6Fall State Arkansas Stealers 6 Arkansas Athletics 2
    7*Fall State Arkansas Stealers 7 Rawlings Arkansas Prospec [BBboys12AAA] 5
    8*Road to the Show West Plains Sluggers [BBboys12AAA] 12 Arkansas Stealers 4
    9*Road to the Show West Plains Sluggers [BBboys12AAA] 9 Arkansas Stealers 7
    10*Road to the Show Southwest Rawhide [BBboys12Maj] 7 Arkansas Stealers 2
    11*Road to the Show DBAT [BBboys12Maj] 5 Arkansas Stealers 1
    12CASM CONWAY RAZORBACK GLOBAL S Arkansas Stealers 9 Arkansas EXPRESS-Crump 1
    13*CASM CONWAY RAZORBACK GLOBAL S Rawlings Arkansas Prospec [BBboys12AAA] 14 Arkansas Stealers 2
    14Everett GMAC Triple Crown 1st Sheridan Swarm 4 Arkansas Stealers 2
    15*Everett GMAC Triple Crown 1st Arkansas Stealers 12 Southern Rippers [BBBoys12A] 1
    16Everett GMAC Triple Crown 1st BIGGS 6 Arkansas Stealers 3
    17CASM BATTLE IN THE ROCK Arkansas Stealers 4 Texarkana Hawks 2
    18CASM BATTLE IN THE ROCK Arkansas Stealers 8 El Do Powercats 7
    19CASM BATTLE IN THE ROCK El Do Powercats 5 Arkansas Stealers 3
    20CASM CONWAY BATTLE OF THE BEST Arkansas Stealers 10 Arkansas Attack 5
    21*CASM CONWAY BATTLE OF THE BEST US Outlaws Baseball [BBboys12AAA] 11 Arkansas Stealers 3
    22CASM CONWAY BATTLE OF THE BEST Easton Elite 9 Arkansas Stealers 0
    23Turf War Battle Arkansas Stealers 26 Rawlings Arkansas Elite 3
    24*Turf War Battle Cabot Edge [BBboys11AAA] 3 Arkansas Stealers 2
    25*Turf War Battle Arkansas Stealers 8 Arkansas Xtreme [BBboys11AA] 0
    26Turf War Battle Arkansas Stealers 11 Rawlings Arkansas Elite 3
    27Turf War Battle Arkansas Stealers 16 Sheridan Swarm 10
    28CASM CONWAY SLUG FEST Diamond Baseball Club-Hur 6 Arkansas Stealers 5
    29*CASM CONWAY SLUG FEST River Valley Predators [BBboys12AAA] 4 Arkansas Stealers 1
    30*CASM CONWAY SLUG FEST Arkansas Stealers 18 Southern Rippers [BBBoys12A] 3
    31*CASM CONWAY SLUG FEST Bentonville Wildcats [BBboys12AAA] 4 Arkansas Stealers 2
    32*Everett GMAC Triple Crown 3rd Arkansas Stealers Forfeit Bryant Hornets-Blue [BBboys12AA] 0
    33Everett GMAC Triple Crown 3rd Arkansas Stealers 7 BIGGS 1
    34Everett GMAC Triple Crown 3rd OT'S Gunslingers 5 Arkansas Stealers 0
    35Cobras Striking from the mound Easton Elite 8 Arkansas Stealers 3
    36*Cobras Striking from the mound Conway CATS [BBboys11Maj] 5 Arkansas Stealers 0
    37Cobras Striking from the mound Arkansas Stealers 14 Arkansas EXPRESS-Crump 2
    38*Cobras Striking from the mound Arkansas Panthers [BBboys12AAA] 6 Arkansas Stealers 5
    39Wally Hall Tournament of Champ Arkansas Stealers 3 Bonecrushers 2
    40Wally Hall Tournament of Champ Arkansas Stealers 7 Benton Panthers 2
    41*Wally Hall Tournament of Champ Arkansas Stealers 4 Dirtbags [BBBoys12A] 1
    42Wally Hall Tournament of Champ Bonecrushers 8 Arkansas Stealers 5
    43Turn2 Sports Arkansas Summer C Arkansas Stealers 8 Rawlings Arkansas Elite 0
    44*Turn2 Sports Arkansas Summer C Arkansas Stealers 15 woodman rangers [BBBoys12A] 2
    45Turn2 Sports Arkansas Summer C Arkansas Stealers 6 Benton Panthers 2
    46*Turn2 Sports Arkansas Summer C Arkansas Stealers 17 Maumelle Stars 11 [BBboys11AllStar] 4
    47Turn2 Sports Arkansas Summer C Benton Panthers 2 Arkansas Stealers 0
    48Maumelle AA Classic Arkansas Stealers 7 Sheridan Swarm 6
    49Maumelle AA Classic Arkansas Stealers 9 Easton Elite 0
    50Maumelle AA Classic Arkansas Stealers 8 Diamond Baseball Club-Hur 7
    51Maumelle AA Classic Benton Panthers 5 Arkansas Stealers 4
    52Arkansas State Tournament Arkansas Stealers 7 Van Buren Green Dawgs 2
    53Arkansas State Tournament Arkansas Stealers 11 Wildhogs 0
    54Arkansas State Tournament Dairy Queen Heat 8 Arkansas Stealers 1
    55*USSSA Global World Series SWBC Courage [BBboys12AAA] 7 Arkansas Stealers 2
    56*USSSA Global World Series 12U TPSA [BBboys12Maj] 8 Arkansas Stealers 1
    57USSSA Global World Series Arkansas Stealers 6 Xplosion 4
    58USSSA Global World Series Arkansas Stealers 10 Coal Mountain Raiders Gre 4
    * Indicates games played against teams of different class. Updated every night.
    The first day results are entered all games will appear in tan.

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